Tulamben, the Ship wreck. like the rest of Bali, is situated in the richest marine bio-geographic zone in the world. Located about 130 kms North-east Bali two hours drive from Sanur, you will drive through truly idyllic Balinese country side. On location, you will see the remains of a US Liberty ship sunk during world War II. The wreck is fully grown with all kinds of anemones , gorgons, sponge and coral, barracuda, Napoleon, angel fish, turtles, Jack fishes, and other many fishes are live surround the wreck as their home. Sometimes when we lucky there we can found whale shark.

Diving Price :
Certified Diver = US$.90 / person (all included)
Uncertified Diver = US$.100 / person (all included)

Snorkeling Price :
Adult = US$.45 / person (all included)